Welding is a process of vital importance in obtaining satisfactory results from the productive and safety point of view in most construction projects. That is why for its execution it is necessary to have trained and qualified personnel to achieve and maintain a defined level in the quality of a welded joint, for that reason, it is required that the personnel working in its execution be capable of handling the theoretical and practical aspects of the welding operations that they apply daily in the manufacture, assembly, inspection and maintenance of welded elements, that is why ISS, RD. has the qualified and certified personnel by the AWS to provide training focused on consolidating these skills in both supervisory personnel, inspection and welders.

Among the training we provide at ISS RD, SRL are

  • Introduction to Welding Process Technology
  • Introduction to Welding Inspection Technology
  • Development and Qualification of Procedures and Welders Under ASME Section IX.
  • Development and Qualification of Procedures and Welders Under AWS D1.1.
  • Welding of Oil, Gas and Other Pipelines according to API 1104
  • Visual inspection as a management tool in construction projects with welding.
  • Seminar on Defectology in Welding.
  • Seminars for Welding Supervisors, according to AWS B5.9
  • Theoretical and practical course on electric welding with coated electrodes (SMAW)
  • Theoretical and practical course on TIG-Argon Welding (GTAW)