Phased Array (PAUT)

The ultrasonic Phased Array technique is based on the use of multi-crystal probes and the phenomenon of multiplexing, which allows it to generate a variety of focal laws to direct and/or focus the ultrasonic beam on a single wave front, thus generating the phenomenon of phase arrangement. Therefore, we can produce an ultrasonic system that is capable of generating multiple inspection angles from a single probe, with a focal point or a focal zone minimizing the amount of sweeps and the inspection time.

What can we achieve with the Phased Array?

With the phased array technique it is possible to perform corrosion mapping in equipment generating C-Scan visualizations with a high detection sensitivity, achieving digital graphic evidence of very diverse corrosion phenomena. With this technique it is possible to inspect welds of different thickness range and different type of design, sometimes with a single pass of the probe, reducing evaluation and delivery times of results.

In ISS RD, SRL we have a great variety of portable and easy to handle equipment, which allows fast and reliable measurements, with A, B, C, E and S-Scan displays. We work with Olympus, SIUI and Scanners equipment that allow us to perform semi-automated inspections. We have a great variety of single and dual crystal probes, squares for AWS, phased array sensors for a great variety of steels and materials. This gives us a great versatility to give solution to the high requirements of the modern industry.