Time of Flight Diffraction
Testing (TOFD)

The TOFD technique is one of the ultrasound techniques considered special, among other reasons because it provides the highest probability of detection, considered superior to the phased array and X-ray techniques. It is a technique widely used, where the ultrasound techniques of conventional principles (pulse-echo) evidence inefficiency, that is why it uses the method pitch and catch and replaces the principle of reflection by the diffraction of the wave.

In this type of inspection techniques, TOFD sensors are used that have a wide range of frequencies. In the case of carbon steel inspection, frequencies of 5 to 10 MHz are used, in other materials such as HDPE, the recommended frequencies are between 2.25 MHz and 1 MHz.

At ISS RD, SRL we have experienced inspectors with a vast knowledge of ASTM standards and building codes such as ASME, AWS and API codes and certified as Level III ASNT and Level II inspectors in the PAUT and TOFD technique certified under the scheme of the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT).

We also have a wide variety of portable and easy-to-handle equipment, which allows fast and reliable measurements, with A, B, C, E and S-Scan displays. We work with Olympus, SIUI and Scanners that allow us to perform semi-automated inspections. We have a great variety of single and dual crystal probes, squares for AWS, phased array sensors for a great variety of steels and materials, also TOFD probes. This gives us a great versatility to give solution to the high requirements of the modern industry