Magnetic Particles (MT)

It is a non-destructive technique with high sensitivity. Although it has the ability to detect sub-surface discontinuities it is considered a surface inspection technique. This technique can only be performed on materials that allow establishing a magnetic field on their surface, such as ferromagnetic materials.

The magnetic particle technique or MT (Magnetic Testing) is a technique that uses small ferromagnetic particles, colored (dry or wet) or fluorescent (wet), and a magnetic field source that when established in a material and finding surface and sub-surface discontinuities, generates leakage fields with the ability to trap magnetic particles and group them around it, even supporting the smooth removal of those not magnetized, when they are dry particles.

At ISS, SRL we have experienced inspectors with a vast knowledge of ASTM standards and building codes such as ASME, AWS and API codes and inspectors certified level II in the technique (MT) under the scheme of the American Society of Non Destructive Testing (ASNT).

We also have Yugos portable equipment with the capacity to use both alternating and direct current, Magnaflux brand colored magnetic particles and fluorescents, black light lamps, gauge kit calibrated by metrology laboratories, inspection procedures, artificial lighting systems, white light meters and minor equipment needed to comply with the different international inspection standards.