Project and Construction Management

The Project Management and Construction Management Division of ISS RD, SRL focuses on building projects first on paper and then building them in the field. Project management services include

Pre-Design Phase

  • Development of the Project and Procedure Management Plan
  • Implement Information Management System
  • Development of Safety and Quality Warning Plans
  • Preliminary Master Itinerary Development
  • Establish Communication Procedures
  • Establish Project Delivery Methods
  • Assist in engineering selection

Design Phase

  • Implementing Contract Requirements
  • Assistance in the Development of Contract Specifications
  • Establishing Hiring Standards/Strategies
  • Purchasing Plan/Itinerary Development

Purchasing Phase

  • Development Bidders List
  • Auction Administration
  • Coordinate Pre-Qualification/Auction Evaluation/Selection
  • Adjusting Budgets and Schedules

Our approach is to have effective planning, control of execution and aggressive monitoring of activities to have a successful project.

Construction Phase

  • Pre-Construction Conference Coordination
  • Conduct Regular Project Status Meetings
  • Review and Recommend Applications for Payments
  • Verify Deliverables and Monitor Construction Activities/Itinerary
  • Monitor Contract Compliance and Quality Plan Execution
  • Check As-Built Records
  • Claims Evaluation/Mitigation and Change Management
  • Commissioning Assistance
  • Review of Disciplinary Contract Documentation Packages

Project Closure Phase

  • Review Tests, Startup Procedures Commissioning
  • Conduct Substantial Completion Inspection/ Pending Listing
  • Final Closing Inspection
  • Recommend Final Acceptance to Owner

Post Construction Phase

  • Assist in Resolving Claims and Disputes
  • Coordinate Closing of Contracts
  • Recommend Final Payments
  • Final Documentation Review

As part of the services of Project Management and Construction, ISS RD, SRL provides qualified and experienced personnel as support (Staffing) assigned to projects such as:

  • Project Manager
  • SENIOR Project Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Civil Engineer / Inspector
  • Mechanical Engineer / Inspector
  • Electrical Engineer / Inspector
  • Instrumentation Engineer / Inspector
  • Project and Itinerary Control Engineer
  • NACE Inspector I Certificate (Coatings)
  • NACE II Inspector Certificate (Coatings)
  • Certified AWS CWI Inspector (QA/QC)
  • Supervising Engineer of Quality in projects
  • Rotary Team Engineer / Inspector
  • Metallurgical / Materials Engineer
  • Certified API 510 Inspector (Pressure Vessels)
  • API 570 certified inspector (Pipes and their components)
  • Certified API 653 Inspector (Tanks)
  • ASNT Level III Consultant (UT/PT/MT/VT/RT/EC) Certified
  • ASNT Level III Consultant (RX DIGITAL) Certified
  • Inspector ASNT Level II (UT/PT/MT/VT/RT/EC) Certified
  • ASNT Level I Assistant (UT/PT/MT/VT/RT/EC) Certified
  • Mechanical CAD Draughtsman
  • CAD Draughtsman
  • Documentation Control Technician
  • Purchasing Assistants
  • Health and Safety Inspector