Implementation of Mechanical Integrity Programs

ISS RD, SRL specializes in implementing mechanical integrity programs based on monitoring and controlling the physical conditions of the static components that belong to the process and systems of its clients' industrial facilities. Our group of certified inspectors develop the optimal inspection plans to define, in a predictive and proactive way, a higher performance of the assets, according to the chemical and physical interactions of the critical variables of the fluids and construction materials following the inspection standards accepted by the industry such as API, ASNT, NACE, ISO, etc.

The mechanical integrity (MI) program aims to ensure that all static equipment, piping, instrumentation, electrical systems and other physical elements including the process and the unit are designed, constructed and maintained to the appropriate standards. The probability of failure of one of these systems is greatly minimized through the selection of inspection methods that are appropriate to both the technique and frequency of the control equipment and that only competent personnel carry out these controls.

Why establish a mechanical integrity plan?

  • Comply with Federal, State and Local Government Regulations Corporate and Site Standards
  • Reducing risk and preventing disasters
  • Protecting the environment
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Good business practices
  • Comply with reinsurance requirements
  • Follow recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices.

Approach to the Implementation of Mechanical Integrity Programs of ISS RD, SRL:

  • Maintain and know the structural and mechanical condition of static equipment systems (process piping, pressure vessels and storage tanks) under a specialized risk-based inspection technical service under API 580 ("Risk-Based Inspection") and API 581 ("Risk-Based Inspection Technology").
  • Establish inspection plans based on the corrosion circuits of each system in order to execute the most appropriate non-destructive tests for the detection of early failures in the components of the systems and equipment.
  • Primary determination of the fitness for service of the systems evaluated based on API inspection code 570,510, 653 in order to involve a controlled risk and maintenance plan establishing defined degradation parameters.
  • Establish the pertinent short, medium and long term considerations according to the characterization of severity, operation and design variables and impact to the business of our clients that may cause intermittent and unplanned stops.

ISS RD, SRL uses the TMS 6.0 Software Platform to record all mechanical Integrity data, manage, analyze and report the condition of its customers' equipment. We have certified API 580 inspectors specialized in risk assessment who together with our group of Nondestructive Testing inspectors can implement mechanical integrity programs focused on analyzing the current condition of your plant and identify systems and maintenance conditions according to their criticality.