PMI - Positive Material Identification

Positive material identification (PMI) is essential to verify that the materials supplied are in accordance with the appropriate specifications, to ensure that the chemical composition of the metal parts has the appropriate percentage of the essential elements, following the physicochemical compositions of manufacture, standards or defined by the buyer.

The information obtained in this inspection generates an effective report that serves as legal evidence in case the material supplied is out of standard and/or in irregular condition, which may put at risk the equipment and/or personnel where the material will be used.

ISS RD, SRL offers PMI testing services through experienced and trained personnel that can guarantee the quality of the service. We have the latest generation of portable PMI equipment for immediate results. Material analysis and testing can be performed at the manufacturer's facility or at the project before the parts are put into service. It can be used for a variety of part sizes, from large, complex parts to small parts as weld addition material on parts.