Defect Measurement

It is the main non-destructive inspection technique, used in advance of other NDTs and with an extremely wide range of application, in which the experience, physical condition and technical preparation of the inspector play a determining role for the application and satisfactory development of the same.

One of the most requested applications by our customers is the assurance and quality control of materials and welded joints, for construction projects in steel structures and hydrocarbon transport lines. In a welded joint it is not only important the final presentation, it is also important the assurance of its preparation and design, as it is in the grooved welded joints, the root opening, throat height and bevel angle, among others.

In ISS RD, SRL we have inspectors with more than 20 years of experience in various industrial sectors, with a vast knowledge of standards and building codes such as ASME, AWS and API codes and with international certification that accredit their skills as inspectors level II in visual inspection (VT) under the scheme of the American Society for Non-destructive Testing (ASNT).

ISS RD, SRL performs to its inspectors periodic tests of their physical condition that include close visual acuity and color and grayscale discrimination tests, fundamental condition for the reliable performance of the test. We also have gauge kits used for the assurance of welded joints, inspection procedures under the ASNT scheme, artificial lighting systems, white light meters and minor equipment needed to meet the different international inspection standards.