Our mission is to help owner-operators of processing facilities and industries increase safety and reliability of operation in a cost effective manner.

We are committed to providing an excellent service with the most qualified personnel to satisfy the needs of our clients, being a reliable organization and believing in finding problems before they become catastrophes.


Establish a solid reputation based on professionalism, excellent resources and quality service. To become the number one choice for inspection, non-destructive testing and mechanical integrity services.

Our Objectives

    • To develop comprehensive, long-term mechanical integrity and inspection programs that ensure operational safety and service suitability for refineries, chemical plants, process facilities, power plants, mines, pharmaceuticals, fuel terminals, and other similar services involving highly hazardous substances.
    • Minimize and virtually eliminate potential risks to plant personnel, the public and the environment.
    • Combine innovative engineering design with risk analysis to minimize long-term costs, downtime and optimize operational efficiency and profitability.
    • Effectively mitigate loss of containment, and catastrophic emissions through the use of predictive and preventive maintenance, with the latest NDE technology and seamless communication.
    • Establish long-term commitments to quality results.
    • Dedicate our efforts to continuous improvement through self-assessment, QA/QC, and implementation of international standards.