Welder Certification

Due to the need to execute industrial projects following international quality standards and to promote cost reduction for rework and safety increase, supported by the global industrial growth, the demand of certified welding professionals has increased, capable of responding with efficiency and competitiveness in the construction and execution of welded structures, equipment and components.

Each selected welding process and each engineering specification selected to ensure the mechanical integrity of their designs (AWS, ASME, API) have special performance requirements that must be understood and executed by the professional selected to perform the welding, qualification and certification service provided by ISS RD, SRL.

We ensure that the selected professional understands each parameter evaluated by the construction specification and will be aware of their responsibility in eliminating rework from poorly executed welds.

ISS RD, SRL has welding professionals certified by the American Welding Society AWS focused on the integral training of the welding professional, that is, it has training techniques so that the welding personnel can put into practice the specific theoretical knowledge acquired for each procedure to be executed.

Within the specialized services for certification of welders are

  • Preparation of Welders' Qualification (WPQ) documents
  • Welding Process Attestation
  • Visual inspection of specimens and volumetric tests (RT)
  • Theoretical and technical training on site