Hardness Measurement

Hardness measurement is the method used to measure and evaluate the hardness of a material, a mechanical property that is widely used in the specification and comparison of materials, in companies in different industry segments.

Among its industrial uses of QAQC are

  • Obtain a comparative knowledge of the mechanical resistance of a given material.
  • Evaluate the result of the heat treatments.
  • Evaluate the abrasion and erosion wear resistance of materials.

The hardness test is considered a non-destructive test. It leaves a small mark on the inspected component that does not compromise its technical performance and is one of the most popular mechanical tests in the industry.

Benefits of hardness testing:

  • Easy
  • Low cost
  • Quickly
  • Non-Destructive
  • It can be applied to samples of various dimensions and shapes.
  • Can be done on site

In ISS RD, SRL we have experienced inspectors with a vast knowledge in ASTM, ISO and other standards of verification and comparison of hardness records. We also have the best hardness measurement equipment that helps the inspector to evaluate and record the information of the tested material.