Solutions CHESTERTON ARC Coatings,
MRO and Lubricants

ISS RD, SRL is the exclusive distributor for the Dominican Republic for ARC Industrial Coating Products and Solutions, Industrial Lubricants and MRO Products.

CHESTERTON is a North American Multinational Company with over 130 years in the industrial market focused on its commitment to make its customers more productive, profitable and environmentally friendly. Together with its exclusive distributors worldwide, we help the mining, oil and gas, energy, chemical, pulp and paper, sugar, water, manufacturing, food and beverage and other industries improve reliability and efficiency with innovative product solutions, application expertise and local service.

CHESTERTON ARC Protective Coatings - Differentiated Technologies

Efficiency and Performance

Using low surface energy technology, ARC coatings substantially reduce friction losses in pipelines, improving flow characteristics in a wide range of fluid and solids handling equipment.


Reliability and Asset Protection

Developing coating systems designed for high temperature, low permeability and high adhesion conditions to improve the reliability and value of the assets in your critical process equipment.


Increased MTBF and Reduced Cost of Ownership

Reduce unnecessary downtime in abrasive materials processing equipment by using ARC coatings with optimized load levels of specially treated advanced ceramics



IL/MRO - Differentiated Technologies

Chain Lubrication

Superior performance chain lubrication program that increases chain life while reducing energy consumption. Best-in-class high temperature performance.

Advanced Grease Technologies

High temperature greases with superior wear resistance, washout resistance and corrosion protection for the most demanding applications in the mining, oil & gas, energy and food industries.

Superior Performance Maintenance Products (MRO)

Comprehensive offering of specialized maintenance products (MRO) - single source of corrosion protection and cleaning products that reduce total cost of application